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An educational & coaching programme

to support remission, reversal and prevention of diabetes.

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Why should you try the course? 

You do not need to live with gradually worsening diabetes control and poor health, and for many people you do not need to take medicine. 

Ending diabetes or radically improving diabetes outcomes can significantly reduce the impact on people's lives, the wider economy and the NHS.


This is in contrast to traditional GP management of diabetes which is to control diabetes within blood sugar readings rather than a full remission or reversal of diabetes.

What does the program cover?

There are multiple causes in the development of diabetes. Combining changes across these different causes can often lead to radical improvements. 

The program is fully evidenced-based using the latest knowledge in improving diabetes outcomes. 

Program contents include: 

- Nutrition & exercise

- Psychological well-being

- Behaviour change

- Understanding medication

- Sleep & Stress

- Associated factors including family and trauma

Nutritional Cooking
Group Coaching: Services
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