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Healthy Career Healthy Life

Combining careers coaching, positive psychology &

lifestyle medicine

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Why should you do this programme? 

This programme will improve work, life and health outcomes. There is strong evidence of a bi-directional relationship between work and well-being; we need work to thrive yet to thrive at work we need our physical and mental health.


This programme brings together key components which are vital for improving health and well-being in the context of busy work lives. 

The content has been tailored specifically with the workforce in mind. Topics covered are relevant for preventing ill health and to excel in the workplace and is available to corporates, SMEs, universities and the NHS.

Programme Components

The programme topics across coaching, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine:

  • Apply self-management coaching tools

  • Practical management of imposter syndrome

  • Learn character strengths and values in the context of your career and mental health

  • Core principles of positive psychology including:

  • Positive emotion

  • Social connection and positive relationships

  • Engagement and flow

  • Purpose and achievement

  • Modify and manage key underlying health contributors for career and health including:

  • Nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress

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Programme feedback

'It increased my confidence, helped me relax, motivated me, and helped me define and concentrate on my purpose, as well as create a plan for the year and follow through on it".

January 2022

“I feel like I can achieve anything I put my mind to now.” 

January 2022

"It's a great blend between health and career coaching that gives you practical ways to improve aspects of your life. It is also really fresh to see a GP with such strong morals in terms of healthy life choices and preventing illness rather than medication, medication, medication"

February 2022

Measuring outcomes tailored to your organisation

The course is specific to your organisation as we work closer with HR and leaders to deliver a course appropriate for your team with data monitoring and evidence of impact. 

The programme delivery is tailored to suit the organisation workforce availability and needs.

Workshop experiences 
February 2022

100% agree the course challenged them to do their best work.

100% agree the course helped plan the next stage in their career.

87% would recommend their course to their peers.

Staff Meeting

What will I get from doing the programme? 

This programme will give you the tools and knowledge to reduce burn out, improve productivity at work and have better long term career outcomes. 


It will provide extra resilience against the impacts of stress, reduce the risk of poor mental health symptoms and optimise the ability for balance and control in your life. 

Individuals who have attended the course report faster employment outcomes, better control over their lives, better mental health, improved nutrition intake and awareness, better relationships at home and at work. These reports just touch the surface of how the course impacts individuals. 

Why others recommend

the course

"Because the workshop can help others to develop their health and well-being."

"It helped me to highlight areas that I needed to work on."

" more attention to my nutrition, take care of my mental health a bit more."

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