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Live Life in Health:
Diabetes prevention and remission 

An educational & behavioural change

program to radically improve diabetes outcomes

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Why should you do this program? 

The aim of this program is to end diabetes through education, inspiration and belief that diabetes does not need to be a life-limiting health condition. 

Ending diabetes or radically improving diabetes outcomes can significantly reduce the impact on people's lives, the wider economy and the NHS.


This is in contrast to traditional GP management of diabetes which is to control diabetes within blood sugar readings rather than a full remission or reversal of diabetes.

What outcomes can you expect?

Expected health outcomes include: 

- Reduction in Hba1c (blood sugar)

- Reduced cholesterol, BP & weight 

- Reduced medication

- Improved well-being

- Shared experience and connection

Long term outcomes: 

- More days living in health

- Reduced cost to NHS

- Reduced carbon footprint

Group Coaching: Services
Nutritional Cooking

What does the program cover?

There are multiple causes in the development of diabetes. Combining changes across these different causes can often lead to radical improvements. 

The program is fully evidenced-based using the latest knowledge in improving diabetes outcomes. 

Program contents include: 

- Nutrition & exercise

- Psychological well-being

- Behaviour change

- Understanding medication

- Sleep & Stress

- Associated factors including family and trauma


Can I join the program? 

The pilot program is currently available to patients registered at Primrose Hill Surgery.

When does the program start? 

The program starts in October 2022. You will receive a text to enrol in the program in August 2022.


If you haven't received this then please contact the surgery directly to enquire if you can enrol at

How do I sign up? 

If you haven't received a message then please contact the surgery directly to enquire about joining the program.

Information at Primrose Hill Surgery

How will you communicate?

We will communicate via email and/or text. We have limited staff resource to communicate to all patients, but we are doing our best to keep people informed about the project 

Do I have to attend all the sessions? 

You do not need to attend all the sessions. We highly recommend full attendance, but we understand individual circumstances may not allow for this. We will aim make information available for any sessions you miss.

Who is delivering the program? 

Dr Kiran Sodha is delivering the program: he has interests in diabetes, obesity and chronic disease and has postgraduate training in lifestyle medicine - i.e. treating disease through nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management which are often hallmarks of chronic disease. Where possible, additional trained professionals may be able to support (e.g. nutrition professionals). 

What are the dates for the program? 

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